Mood Food & Attitude - 6 Weeks to a new you

Mood Food & Attitude
3 Weeks to a New You!

Mood Food & Attitude is a three session group counseling program where a licensed clinical counselor will present data-based information about three lifestyle changes that have been demonstrated to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

A growing body of scientific evidence shows that what you eat, your exercise, and how you think influences your mood and mental health.

In this 3-week group counseling program, you will learn:

• how to navigate nutritional choices
• the importance of incorporating exercise into your life
• mental strategies to optimize health and well-being.

Each 1 1/2 hour session meets once a week for three weeks.

What You'll Learn


Cognitive Behavioral Strategies

identifying stressors, triggers of anxiety and symptoms of depression
learning how to manage the connection between sleep and mood
developing healthy personal relationships
understanding why support systems are essential and how to develop them
managing thoughts and feelings
recognizing motivations
developing positive habits
establishing and managing expectations


Nutritional Information

strategies for mindful eating
the connection between food and mood
identifying unhealthy habits

Healthy Exercise

Healthy Exercise

understanding the elements of healthy exercise
establishing the connection between mood and activity
overcoming obstacles to exercise