Counseling is available for the following issues:



gambling addiction

couples counseling

family counseling

domestic violence

post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

bipolar disorder

work-related stress

Treatment includes cognitive-behavioral strategies, relaxation techniques, mindfulness strategies.

Recently, I have developed and am now marketing a 6 week group therapy program for treating mild to moderate depression, stress, and mild to moderate anxiety.

In my practice, I have seen that stress, anxiety, and depression can be successfully managed with a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy, nutrition, and exercise.

There is significant research to support the inclusion of nutrition and exercise components as part of a treatment program for depression, anxiety, and stress.

The nutrition component of the program will be provided by Kaitlyn Williams, Registered Dietician.  The exercise component will be provided by Ryan VanBrackel, Personal Trainer.

Separate groups for depression, anxiety, and stress will meet in Millersville, just off 97 on the Veterans Hwy exit, and at Wellsview Cottage (

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